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2014-2019. Our Show Results. Our Champions.


11.10.2018   Warsaw. Poland.


02.09.2018   Kyiv. Ukraine.

Vechnost Gosudar Volshebnogo Mira - BEST VETERAN, BOB, BIG-1, BIS VETERAN-2!


26.08.2017   Kyiv. Ukraine.
Euro Dog Show 2017.

Vechnost Romance Intrigue - Ex, CW, , R.CACIB. Vice Champion of Europe!!!


23-26.06.2016   Moscow. Russia.
World Dog Show 2016.

Vechnost Gelios Solnechny Triumf - R., 2 place in champion class from 11 entries!
  Solnechny - champion of 15 countries!


21.05.2016   Kirovograd. Ukraina.
National Dog Show.

Vechnost Romance Intrigue - , Best female, BOB, BOG-I. 2 Champion of Ukraina!


19.09.2015   Khmelnytskyi. Ukraina.
National Dog Show.

Vechnost Diana Fate to be Queen - New Junior Grand Champion of Ukraina!


25.07.2015   Sintra. Portugal.
34th Sintra National Dog Show.

Vechnost Delightfull Golden Lion - New Junior Champion of Portugal!


18-19.04.2015   Kiev. Ukraina.
Two international dog shows Golden Gate of Ukraina and Ukraina - 2015.

Vechnost Rock-N-Roll Aleksandrit Favorit - New Champion of Ukraina!
Vechnost Romance Intrigue - New Champion of Ukraina!


24.01.2015   Moscow. Afghan Hound Speciality "Sabaneev Memorial". Solnechny - BOB, Club Winner! Judge Roberto Velez Pico (PR).

15.02.2015   Moscow. Afghan Hound Speciality "Fauna - 2015".            Solnechny - BOS, Club Winner! Judge Leos Jancik (Chech Republic).

Vechnost Gelios Solnechny Triumf - four times Champion of National Club!

2014. Our Show Results. Our Champions.


07.12.2014   Kiev. Ukraina.
International dog shows Crystal Cup of Ukraine - 2014.

Vechnost Gosudar Volshebnogo Mira - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1!


24.10.2014   Brno. Czech Republic.
Euro dogs show 2014.

Vechnost Gelios Solnechny Triumf. Artwork by Svetlana Zaytseva
This picture was presented for BOB EDS!

6-7.09.2014   Simferopol.
Two international dog shows "Crimean Summer - 2014" "Velvet Season - 2014".

Vechnost Gelios Solnechny Triumf
2 (CAC, CACIB, BM, BOB, BIG-2)   and finished title of   Grand Champion of Ukraina!

30.07.2014   New Puppies Have Arrived. 1 dog and 3 bitches.
More information about puppies are here.

10.05.2014   Dnepropetrovsk. Ukraina.

Vechnost Romance Intrigue  finished title of   Junior Grand Champion of Ukraina!

2013. Our Show Results. Our Champions.


01.01.2014    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes for you from Solnechny!   

Vechnost Gelios Solnechny Triumf (Solnechny)
International Champion.
Champion and Grand Champion of Russia and Romania.
Champion of Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia.
Champion of Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus.
Balkan Champion. Black Sea Winner 2011.
Aphrodite Sea Winner 2011.
Champion of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.
Baltia Champion.
2 Champion of National Club.
Junior Champion of Russia, Belarus, National Club.

30.11.2013   Moscow.   Afghan Hound Speciality.

Vechnost - Best Breeding Group!

On photo: Solnechny, Phany, Lina.

Vechnost Svytoslava Skazka Ilady (Lina)
On picture Lina is right.

International Champion.

Champion and Grand Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova.

Champion of Belarus, Bulgria, Montenegro, Philippines, Uzbekistan.

Champion of Georgia, Azerbadjan.

Caucasian Winner 2007.

Champion-Veteran of Switzerland.

05-06.10.2013   Tiraspol-Kishinew. Moldova.   8 Dog show of all breeds.
Vechnost Gosudar Volshebnogo Mira (Gosha)
On picture Gosha and his owner and hendler Denis are top, right and left, bottom.

International Champion.

Super Grand Champion of Ukraina.

Champion and Grand Champion of Ukraina, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Philippines.

4 Champion of Ukraina.

Champion of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Philippines, Chili.

Champion of RKF, KSU.

Junior Champion and Grsnd Champion of Ukraina and Russia.

BBB of Ukraina.

29.08 - 01.09.2013   Geneva. Switzerland.  European Dog show and CACIB Dog Show.
Congrats Lina and Solnechny!

Solnechny had exelents results.

And Lina finished title of Champion-Veteran of Switzerlad!

23.07.2013   New Puppies Have Arrived. 3 dogs and 3 bitches.
More information about puppies are here.

Mom - charming Ch. Vechnost Glamurnaya Roskosh

Her little children are staring on the rings now.


19.05.2013   Budapest. Hungary

Judge Frank T. Sabella (USA)

Vechnost Gosudar Volshebnogo Mira (Gosha) - ex (open class).

Vechnost Gelios Solnechny Triumf (Solnechny) - ex 2, R.CAC (champion class).

Congrats our boys!

Vechnost Ave Maria (Masha) Internatinal, Multi, Grand Champion.
Champion of National Club.
Multi BIG and BIS

Congrats dear Masha and her owner and hendler Vladimir Komarov!


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